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Zayed Khan: When Shahrukh scolded Zayed for his pronunciation of Urdu, he said, ‘It is a shame not to be a Muslim’

The advantage of being from a film family background is that you get an easy entry in Bollywood, but the journey ahead has to be decided on the strength of your own talent and hard work. There are many such star kids in Bollywood who got opportunities, but they could not succeed further. Today is Zayed Khan’s birthday. Born on July 5, 1980, Zayed Khan has turned 42 today. His father Sanjay Khan was a famous Bollywood actor, producer, director. The sister is married to superstar Hrithik Roshan. Despite having so many film connections, Zayed could not become the choice of the audience of Hindi cinema. And, if there is any biggest reason in this, then it is Zayed Khan himself. How, let us tell you through some exclusive anecdotes.


Hrithik Roshan was the finalist for the role of Zayed Khan in the film ‘Main Hoon Na’. Actually, this film was first produced by Hrithik Roshan’s father Rakesh Roshan and in return for working in the film, Shahrukh Khan was giving overseas rights of the film. But Shahrukh Khan refused to take overseas rights and Rakesh Roshan could not make this film. Then this film was tried to be made by Karan Johar’s father Yash Johar and at that time Sohail Khan was finalized for the role of Zayed Khan Wali. But in those days, due to the ongoing quarrel between Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan, Sohail Khan also got out of the film. After this, the names of Abhishek Bachchan and Vivek Oberoi were also associated with this film, but due to one reason or the other, there was no talk with these stars. Then this film was produced by Shahrukh Khan himself under his banner Red Chillies and Zayed Khan’s entry was made in the film.

No one was getting ready for the role of Shahrukh Khan’s younger brother in the film ‘Main Hoon Na’, when Farah Khan went to a party where she saw Zayed Khan dancing on top of a table. Farha Khan felt that this boy was fit for the role of brother of Shahrukh Khan’s younger brother. He persuaded Shah Rukh Khan for Zayed Khan. In those days, Tiwari was the manager of both Zayed Khan and Amrita Rao. Tiwari told Farah Khan that let’s talk about money. So instead of giving money, Farah Khan sat asking, tell me, how much money are you giving me? He also said that one is getting such a big break. Shahrukh Khan’s production house is being found and you are demanding money for them. Even after this, Farah Khan got both Zayed Khan and Amrita Rao to get five lakh rupees each.

It is said that once during the shooting of the film ‘Main Hoon Na’ in Darjeeling, Shah Rukh Khan reprimanded Zayed Khan fiercely. It happened that Zayed Khan went out to party somewhere in the night. In those days, his habits were also somewhat wrong and he was often found swinging after smoking a cigarette. That day, Zayed went out to celebrate a party with dress designer Sameer Moolchandani. There he also got into a fight with some local people. When Shahrukh Khan came to know about this, he reprimanded Zayed and said that if someone would kill or cut your face, then my shooting would have stopped, would it not?

There is another anecdote from the film ‘Main Hoon Na’, after reading which you will know why Zayed Khan did not go to the movies. An emotional scene of Zayed Khan was being shot with Shahrukh Khan in Mehboob Studio, but when Zayed Khan was not able to speak the dialogue properly, Shahrukh Khan once again reprimanded him fiercely. He said, ‘You are a Muslim, you should know Urdu, damn you. Your tongue should be clear, but you people have been destroyed by speaking English.’ Zayed Khan had only four line dialogues, Shahrukh Khan did this scene with Zayed Khan until Zayed Khan did the scene properly. Keep getting it done and the shooting of that scene went on for the whole day.

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