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When Urfi Javed hid his private parts from the newspaper, and opened the buttons of jeans, crossed all limits, people made such comments….

A video of Urfi Javed has surfaced in which she is seen completely topless. He has covered his upper body with newspaper and has kept the button of the jeans open. Urfi Javed keeps sharing her bold pictures or videos every day, but this time she has crossed the limit. This video of Urfi Javed reading the newspaper topless is being shared fast on the internet.

In the caption of the video, Urfi Javed wrote – See photo for caption. In search of caption When you see this topless picture of Urfi Javed, your attention turns towards the newspaper from where Urfi has covered his upper body. Urfi Javed has written above the newspaper – Be Yourself means stay who you are.


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This video of Urfi Javed in buttonless jeans has gone viral and he has once again got trolled in the comment box. Although some people have also praised this charming style of Urfi Javed. One user wrote in the comment section, ‘You are a master of all this nonsense.’ Another person wrote, ‘How much did you pay for the paper?’

A fan commented on this video of Urfi Javed, ‘How do you do amazing in every picture.’ At the same time, a user wrote, ‘Now you need to leave the childish girl.’ Let us tell you that Urfi Javed has been a part of many big and small TV shows, but she often remains in the headlines due to her bold and likable style.

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