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Superstar Salman Khan has become the father of 17 year old daughter, Salman himself told the truth to the world…, see photo

Bollywood actor Salman Khan always remains in the headlines for his films and sometimes for his bachelor life. However, despite being so old, why has he not married yet, the question arises in everyone’s mind!

Although it is a different matter that only Salman Khan can answer this question, while many girls have also come in Salman Khan’s life, but Salman Khan never told anyone even at home with Salman, who is called Dabang Khan of Bollywood. Khan got to hear something in his brother Arbaaz Khan’s show Pinch 2 which surprised himself too!

Arbaaz Khan invited Salman Khan as a guest in the first episode of his show! In this show, Arbaaz Khan reads out some tweets related to him to his guest and takes their reaction from them and the same thing Arbaaz Khan did with Salman Khan! Arbaaz Khan was reading some online trolling tweets on Salman Khan and Salman Khan was replying to them! In such a situation, Arbaaz Khan, meanwhile, read a tweet that surprised even Salman Khan.

A troller wrote on social media that where is the coward sitting hiding? Everyone in India knows that you live in Dubai with your wife Noor and 17 year old daughter, how long will you fool the people of India? Everyone in India knows that you live in Dubai with your wife and daughter!

After listening to this comment, Salman Khan himself also gets quite surprised and asks if this is for me and on this Arbaaz Khan says that yes it is for you only after this Salman Khan is a little funny while answering this question. In the style of saying that this is all rubbish, whoever wrote this just wants to get attention! Salman Khan also said that why do people feel that I will answer these people! I have been living in Galaxy Apartments with my family since the age of 9. I am not going to answer them. Entire India knows where I live!

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