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Salman Khan will remain a bachelor for the rest of his life because of the superstar Hasina Rekha, after years the curtain was raised from the truth, know the big reason….

Bollywood actor Salman Khan always remains in the discussion about his film world as well as his personal life, as you would know that Salman Khan is 56 years old today but till now he is a bachelor. On the other hand, Salman Khan has also had an affair with many big actresses in Bollywood, in which big names like Sangeeta Bijlani Aishwarya Rai, but now recently a big disclosure has also happened, from which it is known that Salman Khan is finally coming from so many years. Why have you been single, so let’s know the reason for this-

Let us tell you that Salman Khan, popularly known as Dabang Khan, is still single and has not lifted the curtain himself, in fact the actress has told that when Salman Khan used to be 6 to 7 years old, he used to follow her He had also said that he used to ride a bicycle and I used to walk ahead and he followed me, he did not even know that he had fallen in love with me at the same time!


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In such a situation, Salman Khan, happy to hear all these things, had also said that at that time I had no connection with yoga, but Rekha ji had taught yoga there, so my friends and I used to reach there, while actress Rekha According to reports, Salman Khan had even told everyone at that time that he would grow up to marry actress Rekha and on hearing this, Salman Khan also appeared saying that maybe that’s why I could not get married yet!

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