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Malaika Arora parted ways with Arbaaz Khan’s talk

Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora were once a famous couple. Both had vowed to live and die together. Despite this, this relationship lasted only for 18 years and both of them got divorced with mutual consent. It is said that this famous couple has also lived in live-in before marriage. Later on both of them got married. Malaika and Arbaaz married in 1998. Malaika and Arbaaz also have a son named Arhaan.

Both had spent about 18 years together. After this, they got divorced by mutual consent in 2016. Today we are going to tell you how the strong relationship of both of them broke easily. By the way, let us tell you that after divorce from Arbaaz Khan, actress Malaika is living with actor Arjun Kapoor.

According to media reports, she considered Arbaaz to be a careless person because he used to keep anything anywhere in the house, which later caused trouble in the house. Malaika asked Arbaaz several times to improve this habit, but instead of improving this habit of Arbaaz got worse. Arbaaz was also troubled by Malaika’s habit that she never accepted her mistake, due to which the actor used to get very angry with her. The same Malaika was upset with Arbaaz’s gambling. These little things became the big reason for the divorce.

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