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Know how much is Anurag Kashyap’s daughter pocket money for 1 month, Bollywood actresses are also left behind!

Let us tell you that Anurag Kashyap is a well-known film maker of Bollywood. Anurag Kashyap is always on the limelight, along with him his daughter Alia is also in the headlines. Alia is also in discussion like other star kids. Let us tell you that Anurag Kashyap married Aarti in the year 1997. Alia is the daughter of Anurag and Aarti. Alia is a little older, in the year 2009, both of them got divorced and Aarti and Anurag separated from each other.

Although apart from each other, Arti and Anurag love their daughter Aaliya very much and have always been very close to Aaliya.

On the other hand, if we talk about Alia, then Alia has always remained a part of Limelight. Alia is currently studying at the University of Shep in California. According to the report, Alia is interested in fashion marketing, due to which she is thinking of leaving her college and taking admission in colleges in New York and Europe. On the other hand, if we talk about why Alia is not thinking of coming to films, for this Anurag has said in the Bollywood entry of daughter Alia that “She will decide for herself what she has to do. ,

Apart from this, Alia is very active on social media, apart from this, Alia also has her own YouTube channel in which Alia brings new videos to her viewers every day.

And Alia always shares her bold pictures and funny videos on her social media account. Alia also has a lot of followers on Instagram.

The contact of X Me Anything is going on every day, due to which Alia also kept this contact. In this contest, you can ask any question from your favorite star. This gave a lot of information about Alia’s both professional and personal life.

After this, the fans asked him many questions and Alia also gave very funny answers to these questions. In one of these followers, Alia was asked how much money she spends in 1 month?

In response to this, Alia said, “More than what I should do. I spend most of it on food and clothes. I shop online once in two weeks which is not good and right at all. We eat a lot too. I want to control my expenditure, I am trying very hard for that. ,

If we talk about Alia’s personal life, then let us tell you that Alia Sen is dating Gregory. About her first meeting, Alia had told that she had met Send on a dating app, after which their friendship turned into love. Alia also made many revelations about her future plans and relationship with boyfriend in a video on YouTube. Apart from this, she is also going to celebrate the new year with her boyfriend and she is very excited for this. Alia has also spoken openly about the near relationship with her friends, she has told that she will be very consistent about workouts and fitness. She wants to live a healthy lifestyle in the new year.

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