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KGF Franchise: Yash starrer ‘KGF’ again in trend, Bhojpuri version of the film rocked

South superstar Yash’s super duper hit film of this year, KGF has once again come in trend. Now whether it is a matter of Hindi language or Kannada film has not left any language behind in terms of collection. Due to the impact of South’s films on Bollywood, the debate on Pan India started. In such a situation, once again the dominance of South’s superhit film KGF is visible. By the way, till now Bhojpuri language has not got the place in the country which other languages ​​have got. But, the amazing thing is that Yash’s film KGF also made Bhojpuri cinema number one.

Actually, South Cinema’s best film and Yash’s KGF have broken records in Bhojpuri cinema as well. As everyone knows, the KGF franchise is one of the most successful films in the country. This film has recently set flags in Bhojpuri cinema as well. The first series of the film has also put flags in Bhojpuri language. This has given a support to Bhojpuri cinema.


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Recently released KGF Chapter 2 has included its name in the list of the country’s biggest and number one film by making a tremendous collection at the box office. But, meanwhile, there is news about the first part of the upcoming film that the first part has also set new records in Bhojpuri language.

Bhojpuri version of KGF made records

Talking about KGF 2, which was released a few months ago, the film made a tremendous impact at the box office. With this, KGF 2 had made a record of Rs 1210 crore worldwide. At the same time, if the collections of both the parts are added, then the film has completed the figure of earning 1500 rupees in theatres.
How many views did the Bhojpuri version of KGF get?

KGF’s first film released in the year 2018 was also released in Bhojpuri language. Which has crossed the 616 million views mark on YouTube. According to reports, no film has got so many views on YouTube so far. At the same time, talking about the likes, the film has also got the highest number of likes so far. It has got 5.9 million likes on YouTube, from this it is clear that the dominance of Yash’s film is still intact.

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