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Famous comedian Kapil Sharma had to make holidays in Canada heavy, stuck in legal trouble, can go to jail …

The country’s famous comedian Kapil Sharma is considered to be one of the most famous comedians, while Kapil Sharma’s comedy has been making people laugh for years, so his shows The Kapil Sharma Show and Comedy Night with Kapil were well-liked by the fans, on the other hand. Since the month of June, Kapil Sharma along with the team of his comedy show has been out on a tour of youth and Canada, but now he has also been accused in such a situation!

At the same time, these days Kapil Sharma is enjoying in Canada with his team and famous comedians Krishna Abhishek, Kiku Sharda, Chandan Prabhakar, Sumona Chakraborty and Rajeev Thakur are also present with him! In such a situation, according to the news of E-Times, Kapil Sharma, not a well-known promoter of America, has been accused of breach of contract!

In such a situation, according to the information received, but the motor says that Kapil Sharma had promised to perform in 6 cities, in which he has not come to perform in 1 and he has even said that he should not perform in one city. But Kapil Sharma has also promised to pay him the damages.

In such a situation, according to the information, the promoter named Amit Jaitley says that he has not performed nor has he answered our calls, we have also tried to talk to him many times in front of the court! Not only this, but Amit Jaitley says that he will definitely take legal steps against Kapil Sharma, the matter is currently pending in a court in New York!

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