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Bollywood’s villain Ranjit’s daughter is so beautiful

Ranjit is a well-known name of Bollywood. The hero of Bollywood films is nothing without the villain. Villain also plays a big role in making a hero a hero. The fight between the villain and the hero goes on and many times the villain overpowers the hero. If told, the villain gives equal competition to the hero. One such villain of Bollywood is Ranjit, who appeared in many hit films and worked with big hero-heroine. There was a time when people used to get scared by the name of Ranjit. Although Ranjit is quite a total in real life. Ranjit’s children are all grown up now and he is the father of a very beautiful daughter.

Divyanka Bedi is the daughter of Ranjit ie Gopal Bedi. She does not grab headlines like other star kids, but remains very active on social media. Divyanka is very beautiful and looks no less than an actress in her look. Divyanka is the daughter of Ranjit and Aloka Bedi. Ranjit’s daughter is associated with the glamor industry. Divyanka Bedi is a fashion designer. She also designs for many celebs. Divyanka Bedi is a fashion designer and jewelery designer. Divyang has shared many pictures of his designing on his Instagram handle.

Divyanka Bedi pays a lot of attention to her looks. He is also a fitness freak. Divyanka Bedi’s nickname is Gigi. He is on Instagram with the same name and apart from Papa Ranjit, other family members also call him by the same name. He is exactly like a father. He has a brother named Chiranjeevi Bedi. He is very close to his brother. According to reports, Divyanka’s boyfriend is Daniel McLee. Both spend time together and are also seen together on vacation. Both also keep sharing photos with each other on social media.

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