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Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi pregnant without getting married, shown the truth to the world by making a video herself.

Bollywood’s beautiful and dancer queen Nora Fatehi is considered one of the popular actresses, while the actress is sometimes seen leaving the gym and sometimes she is caught on camera while reaching her sets and these days her reality show Dance Deewane Juniors. She is appearing as a judge in

In such a situation, recently many of her videos have also come to the fore, in which she is seen getting ready, while talking about the other video, she has also been seen wearing a sari and enjoying cricket and now amidst all these And the news is also becoming very viral that actress Nora Fatehi is pregnant and the actress is also giving clarification regarding this, so let’s tell what is the whole news-

These days a video also surfaced on social media a few days ago in which judges of all reality shows were seen talking and in this video the judge will say that so we are busy talking about pregnancy things. And Nora Fatehi is busy watching herself, to which the actress also jokingly replies and says that because I am not pregnant then she will say thank you for telling this to the world! The actress also starts laughing at this!

At the same time, this funny video has also become quite viral on social media, after which people also started feeling that Norep is going to be a mother, although later it has also become clear that all the judges are Neetu Kapoor’s daughter-in-law and actress Alia Bhatt. We were talking about pregnancy and in fact recently Alia Bhatt has also told everyone that she is going to be a mother soon!

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