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After Nora Fatehi, now Terence Lewis was seen making wrong gestures looking at Malaika Arora waist

As everyone knows, a video of Bollywood actress and dancer Nora Fatehi is going viral on social media. Seeing Nora Fatehi dancing, everyone falls for her. This video has got a lot of love by the people. After which now a video of Terence and actress Malaika Arora has come in front of everyone, on which people are not tired of commenting fiercely.

In the video, Malaika is seen wearing a neon color dress. As soon as Malaika starts dancing. Terence is seen staring at her with strange eyes for a while and also starts giving gestures to the actress. Then he stays for a while and is seen dancing with the actress himself.

Let me tell you, this is not getting to see for the first time. Even before this, Terence has been seen having fun on the sets and this video is seen going viral on social media.


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Let us tell you, actress Malaika Arora is the judge of reality show ‘India’s Best Dancer Season 2’ these days. Apart from actress Malaika Arora, Terence Lewis and Geeta Kapoor are also associated with this show and both of them are not judges of the show.

Let us inform you that social media platforms are the best option for Bollywood celebs to stay connected with their fans. Celebs are also very active on the internet these days and remain in the headlines due to their photos and videos. Malaika Arora is always trolled because of her clothes.

There are such famous actresses in Bollywood who dominate the media because of their photos and videos more than their acting in the industry. One such Bollywood actress is Malaika Arora.

As we all know that even today Bollywood’s famous actress Malaika Arora does not shy away from winning the hearts of fans with her style. Even today, pictures of Malaika Arora are becoming fiercely viral on social media.

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