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After 20 days of marriage, the bride opened her dark secrets, the groom went straight to the police.

In Barmer, located in western Rajasthan, another youth became a victim of fraud in the name of marriage. The broker took 3 lakh rupees from this young man and got his robber bride married. After marriage, this robber bride fled from the youth’s house with cash worth Rs 5 lakh and 50 tola of silver and 2 tola of gold ornaments. When the young man contacted this wife, he said that he is already married. He also has a daughter. The youth has now taken shelter of the police.

Barmer. In the rapidly changing Barmer district due to oil, gas and coal exploration, Looteri Dulhan and their touts have laid their strong net. In Barmer district, once again a robber bride along with her gang members has targeted a family.

The robber bride, a resident of Gujarat, has fled with her husband for 20 days with cash and gold and silver jewelery worth lakhs. The absconding bride is already married and has a daughter. The Kotwali police is investigating after registering a case. But till now no clue of the robber bride and touts has been found.

According to the police, Mehram Jat, a resident of Bhimda, was married on November 24 last year with Mamta, a resident of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Dalal Jogaram, a resident of Kosaria in Barmer district, had taken Rs 3 lakh from Mehram to get married. He got married but Mamta could become a bride of only 20 days. After 20 years of marriage, Mehram went on labor. When he returned home, he saw that his wife Mamta was not at home.

Mamta said I am already married

When he talked to Mamta, she said ‘I have already been married and I have a child too’. Hearing this, the ground slipped from under Mehram’s feet. After that the victim Mehram went to the Superintendent of Police and narrated his ordeal. Taking quick action, the Superintendent of Police directed the Kotwali police to register a case. Mehram has registered a case against the cheating bride Mamta, Dalal Jogaram and 2 other people resident of Ahmedabad in the Kotwali police station.

5 lakh rupees and 50 tola silver ornaments were taken away

According to the victim Mehram, the robbed bride has fled with Rs 5 lakh, 50 tola of silver ornaments and 2 tola of gold ornaments. He alleges that the Kotwali police have registered a case but have not taken any action. At the same time, according to Head Constable Inder Singh, who is probing the case, a case has been registered on the basis of the report of the victim Mehram. Dalal Jogaram has got married fraudulently by preparing forged documents. Police is investigating the whole matter.

Many such cases have come to the fore in Barmer as well.

It is not that this is the first case in Barmer when a robbed bride has run away with cash and jewelery after marrying a young man. Such frauds have happened many times in Barmer. Fraudulent brokers are continuously carrying out incidents of extortion of money through their robbed brides.

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